Bridging The Digital Divide

Empowering Communities Through Digital Mobility Solutions

At Digital Mobility, we’re all about bridging the digital divide. We believe that everyone deserves access to digital literacy and skills, no matter their income or background. That’s why we focus on bringing these resources to underserved communities and individuals with disabilities in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’re also passionate about measuring and improving broadband access in rural areas.

Digital Mobility Digital Equity Task Force

Join us on this transformative journey. Become an integral part of our endeavors to bridge divides, dispel disparities, and champion cultural competency. We extend an invitation to you to contribute your ideas, expertise, and unwavering dedication to crafting a more equitable future.

Services we provide

Tech Training for Low-Income Communities

We offer free digital skills training to those in need, helping low-income populations gain access to education and employment opportunities.

Online access for all abilities

We make it easy for people with disabilities to access social services online! Our platform is user-friendly and accessible to everyone.

Rural Broadband Empowerment Program

We help rural communities take charge of their broadband needs by equipping them with tools and resources to measure and address their own connectivity issues.

Get Digital, Start a Business!

Our digital literacy and entrepreneurship program teaches you the skills to succeed in the online world, from social media to e-commerce.

The Digital Divide

Digital Divide: A Barrier to Access

Many Californians struggle with unreliable internet connections, hindering their ability to access crucial services and opportunities.

Bridging the Digital Divide.

This bill aims to address the digital divide by creating comprehensive digital equity plans and supporting digital inclusion projects in all states.

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